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26 Jun

I finished writing my book.

I’m reading it now.

Then I will change whatever/however I need to.

Then I shall send it to people I trust to read it.

Then I shall take note of their feedback and incorporate/dump it.

Then I shall ring up a certain sassy lady who said she’s interested in whatever I write.


Day … 11?

6 Apr

Ready to write. Starting tomorrow. excited.

Day 9

4 Apr

is the day I looked back on Day 1 and laughed. And shook my head at myself.

So I kept the TV on all day, been sleeping really late (this is the second or third night in a row for posting a post post-midnight and getting the dates muddled), and waking up really late, and doing okay.

I made progress on the alternate plot outline, in case you’re wondering.

No reading though. That’s the caveat with watching TV.

The thing is — I don’t quite feel I’ve relaxed and I don’t quite feel I’ve worked either. I’m in a middle zone of numbness.

Day 8

3 Apr

I’ve reached the conclusion that my routine needs to vary. I’ve accepted it. and I have been watching TV, and working while in front of it, and I can say that my mind works better when it is allowed some room. One day in front of the TV (match + Sherlock + CID + Khote Sikkey) after several day of abstinence (ok a week of abstinence) and I’ve made a breakthrough. It just happened, while my mind wasn’t “working”, “focussing”. Yay. 🙂  Now I know that a couple of days later I shall feel dissatisfied with working with the TV on, and I shall go through a downswing before I work without it.

Or maybe i’ve learned to be better prepared.

Day 7

1 Apr

sent in my short story entry. And i’ve caved — I’m watching TV as I write this. But all in all I am feeling a little satisfied. I think my mind has made itself up to chuck Vipassana this month.


Day 6

31 Mar

went by in a haze of sleepiness. No writing, no planning. There was some impulsive cutting, though not the literary kind. And there was a massage somewhere in between. But mostly, I’ve been sleepy. My nights have been slightly strange.

Today I should have sat and revised my plotline, but I’ve only begun on an alternate plotline without making any significant headway. Why am I working on an alternate plotline? A more knowledgeable writer has told me that the current word count is unsellable. I figured it would lead to less heartbreak if I fixed the errant plot point now than trying to alter big chunks of the novel later.

Yeah yeah, I was supposed to have started the actual writing latest by tomorrow (I had a word/day count on a piece of paper somewhere; that’s the number that spurred me on to re-work). Never mind now.

Short story ready for submission. But not picture, I still haven’t got a title to the story and so I’m guessing most of tomorrow will also disappear into getting these things ready instead of plotting.

Got to roll with it, I guess.

By the way, it just occurred to me that I haven’t said a word of what I’ve been reading. Archie comics are my guilty pleasure for the loo and before switching off the lights — they’re no-brainers! — and the ‘real’ book I’ve been reading is Orhan Pamuk’s The Naive and Sentimental Novelist. It’s gorgeous. I had once read a novel by him, couple of years ago, and found it tedious. It was not any of his famous ones and I don’t remember the name… it was a slim book. I’m enjoying the N&S Novelist. So far, I’ve decided that, I am Sentimental. I think I can be Naive occasionally, but mostly, I am Sentimental.

also Sleepy. Blog again tom.


Day 5

30 Mar

was spent in short story editing. and discussions at home. and cucumber soup. oh and some tv as well. 15 mins of CID and half an hour of the match. India Pakistan. World Cup Semi-Finals.

Day 4

29 Mar

Ends pretty much right now. In the sense all I’m going to do for the next couple of hours is wait for two phone calls. Each is about work. One is about my writing. And both these callers are night-birds. I could pass out right now, but can’t.

Have not begun writing though. Still some stuff to figure out and I think I’m focussing on my short stories till tomorrow. Went for a yoga class. Not missing TV.



Day 3

28 Mar

Went well. Plot outline done. And I have an insane target — write the entire novel in 15 days. I’m saying 15 because Im heading for Vipassana on the 16th, and that would serve as a natural break in which time I can rest the draft, and I am writing two short stories for a 31st march deadline. Time to crank up the pressure.


That’s my look of fierce determination. except that it looks like a live prawn.



Day 2

27 Mar

Unfortunately, no two days are the same. Day 2 went by in a blur (can I blame it on my body clock that is used to lazing about on a Sunday?) and before I knew it, it was 6.30pm and all I had done was read through my plot outline and make a few changes. A quick cry later I got down to editing a short story. Anything to take my mind off my lack of accomplishment. Except that it’s not. I can only give myself time to rally my forces like Scarlett O’Hara — tomorrow’s another day.  And just for that, here’s a picture

Courage in fire



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