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26 Jun

I finished writing my book.

I’m reading it now.

Then I will change whatever/however I need to.

Then I shall send it to people I trust to read it.

Then I shall take note of their feedback and incorporate/dump it.

Then I shall ring up a certain sassy lady who said she’s interested in whatever I write.


I think. therefore I think.

26 Jun

A lot of thinking is more good than bad for the soul. I went for Vipassana, went off the internet (meaning: Facebook) and (as good as) blogging. I read and re-read books, started writing in a diary again, and I stopped talking about myself to everyone but my therapist. Somewhere in there was a family vacation that triggered this withdrawal, a family vacation I would like to smother in the dark recesses of my mind except for the eating of a whole butter chicken in strictly-veg Joshimath.

But two days ago I went for my first yoga class in nearly three months. My yoga instructor is a darling who doesn’t have a time limit on the classes that you pay for. And I went shopping for a birthday gift for my brother who turned 26 this year. I feel like visiting my friend’s parents tomorrow. And I even talked with my friend about myself, the first time I ┬áhad done┬áthat in about … well I can remember the last conversation but not when it happened.

The meaning of friends has shifted. It has been such a subtle change that I realised it only yesterday/today…? They’re there, far away, but there whenever I want them to be, need them to be. I’m not in anyone’s pocket and no one is in mine, but all I need to do is call them and start talking, and they listen. None of them can solve anything for me, but them listening as beautifully as they do is priceless. I’m awed by what I have with them.

The last couple of days the feeling of being okay was a bit wobbly, shaky, like a toddler trying to stand up on her own feet and take a few steps. Today, she walked. Not very far, but she walked.

Such is life — the pace is never the same. Right now, if I were any slower, I’d be crawling backwards.

Of late, I have been inspired by to create my own visuals, like I used to in my childhood and my college years. Though something other than fashion illustrations. I think her Durgas are gorgeous. The good news is that she has started getting commissions from abroad now. Being a Bengali, she was always embarrassed about money but has recently graduated (after a lot of push-n-pull) to the 5-figure realm. Considering I’m unemployed, I regret not taking advantage of her when she was still under-charging.

Anyway, doing one thing at a time might not be a good thing for me. So I shall start my painting and sketching too, though not on a professional basis. I’m more into comic strips and surrealism. I bought some paper and got my paints together, but haven’t started yet. I’ll do it in my own sweet time.

And that’s where my thinking has led me — picking up one more thing-to-do. The idea is to freelance when in Bombay and sell paintings through the web while I continue writing books.

Oh, I’m also more relaxed about my TV-watching habits. It stays on all the time. Hallelujah I’ve invented a new way to write a book.

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