Am off…I think

16 Apr

Off to Vips tomorrow.

And despite what everyone’s been saying — eeeeps. The location of the V centre is not all that great, apparently it’s a den for anti-social elements. My parents keep trying to get me to change my mind, but — bottom line — are supportive. Bless them. I’m so incredibly proud of having parents who understand and accept that I’m not an extension of them, and that I will be doing stuff that they are unsure about. Despite that I bit my dad’s head off today. bad moment. actually a culmination of bad moments.

I’ve forgotten the wonderful feeling I had about the V centre when I was there two months ago, when I had gone to check it out and couldn’t because there was a course on.

Yesterday, I went shopping for it, and found myself choosing unattractive bottles and brands. only becos we re not supposed to be prettifying ourselves there. I bought my first ever Colgate prickly heat talcum powder. sandalwood.

BUT on my way to the supermarket, I took a detour into Vero(a?) Moda. It has been in Calc for less than a year, and the last time I went there I was pretty unimpressed. Yesterday, there was a sign in the window saying linen pants are 35 pc off. So in I walked. And bought a barrelful of clothes.

I know women are supposed to have a thing for shoes. Or so the stereotype goes. Apparently, the logic is that feet sizes don’t shift and change shape as frequently as our waists and hips and thighs do. So the generous outpouring of love. I, on the other hand, love clothes. I pay almost no attention to footwear. I love heels so long as they’re on shelves; cannot bear them on my feet for more than an hour. And accessories make me feel heavy, like I have something extra, totally unnecessary on me. Yeah, I’m not about fashion, channeling my personality through clothes (although if u head to fashion week all the stylists and several designers look like they’re channeling the same personality) I don’t care about trends or the right colour combinations or any of the ‘shoulds’ of fashion.

Probably cos I love my wobbly bits. Fashion and its stores/brands are unkind to women who aren’t thin. Maybe age has got something to do with it, but I love my wobbly bits a lot more than I used to, instead of starving to get as thin as I can be before I hit my 30s (I expected myself to do that). I bought two linen pants and love them. And three or maybe four blouses that I love, they’re a bit different from the usual stuff in my wardrobe, and just what I’ve been wanting.

Of course, only the linen pants are valid for vipassana. No prettifying.

Oh, and the date on this blog will show 16, but I’m writing this on the 15th. I procrastinated.


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