Day 6

31 Mar

went by in a haze of sleepiness. No writing, no planning. There was some impulsive cutting, though not the literary kind. And there was a massage somewhere in between. But mostly, I’ve been sleepy. My nights have been slightly strange.

Today I should have sat and revised my plotline, but I’ve only begun on an alternate plotline without making any significant headway. Why am I working on an alternate plotline? A more knowledgeable writer has told me that the current word count is unsellable. I figured it would lead to less heartbreak if I fixed the errant plot point now than trying to alter big chunks of the novel later.

Yeah yeah, I was supposed to have started the actual writing latest by tomorrow (I had a word/day count on a piece of paper somewhere; that’s the number that spurred me on to re-work). Never mind now.

Short story ready for submission. But not picture, I still haven’t got a title to the story and so I’m guessing most of tomorrow will also disappear into getting these things ready instead of plotting.

Got to roll with it, I guess.

By the way, it just occurred to me that I haven’t said a word of what I’ve been reading. Archie comics are my guilty pleasure for the loo and before switching off the lights — they’re no-brainers! — and the ‘real’ book I’ve been reading is Orhan Pamuk’s The Naive and Sentimental Novelist. It’s gorgeous. I had once read a novel by him, couple of years ago, and found it tedious. It was not any of his famous ones and I don’t remember the name… it was a slim book. I’m enjoying the N&S Novelist. So far, I’ve decided that, I am Sentimental. I think I can be Naive occasionally, but mostly, I am Sentimental.

also Sleepy. Blog again tom.



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